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Anthony Joshua Heavyweight Champion

British professional boxer, Anthony Joshua currently holds the IBF, IBO and WBA heavyweight titles, having previously held the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles from 2015-2016. As an amateur he represented Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics, winning a Gold medal in the Super Heavyweight division. He also represented England at the 2011 World Championships, winning Silver.

Freddie Cunningham Managing Director - Contact

Freddie is responsible for the day to day running of Anthony’s career. He heads up Anthony’s Management company overseeing all the aspects to Anthony’s development outside of the ring. His core role involves the arrangement of all AJs commercial activities from sponsors to appearances and acts as the driving force that keeps the whole machine moving forward.

Rob McCracken Boxing Coach

Former coach of Carl Froch and Head of GB boxing Rob is an extremely experienced coach and has worked with Anthony in some form throughout his whole career. Now his full time coach Rob works extremely closely with AJ and prepares him for every fight and leads the corner during AJ’s fights.

Jamie Reynolds Strength & Condition Coach

AJ’s strength and condition coach, devises specific strength and dynamic drills to support Rob in AJ’s training camp. Designed to specifically target boxing relevant training and injury prevention.

Mark Ellison Nutritionist

Mark is responsible for managing AJ’s diet, insuring he has enough fuel to charge his body, and the right nutrients to remain in healthy shape and condition through out a long camp.

David Ghansa aka KD Head of Operations

One of Anthony’s closest friends, KD is AJ’s chief support network on a day to day basis, travelling with him to and from camp every week, consulting with Freddie on logistical and operational issues and also managing ticket sales for AJ’s fights.

Rob Madden Physiotherapist

Rob is Anthony’s physio, he sees him about 2-3 times a month to help with any niggles or injuries AJ often gets during a long, tough camp. He is responsible for keeping AJs finely tuned body going, and hitting peak physical condition on fight night.

Ben AKA G14 Head of Security

Without Benga we may never have seen AJ in a ring. A former professional himself he was the person who took Anthony to his first ever boxing gym. He is cousin to AJ and also his Head of Security. Meaning he is responsible for the safety of the group in and around fight week.

Will Harvey Head of Merchandise & Operations

Responsible for the growth and development of Anthony’s range of merchandise. He also assists Freddie with the day to day management of AJ Boxing.

Andy Bell Publicist

Responsible for Anthony’s personal publicity and promotion of brand Joshua in the public eye. Andy works closely with the AJ Boxing management team to showcase Anthony’s personality outside of the ring.

Sina Ghami Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation

Sina works with AJ on a weekly basis giving him sports and deep tissue massages to insure that there is no muscle soreness or tightness in AJ’s body at the end of a training week. Sina has just opened his own performance gym called Evolve Gym in Ruislip. Check it out at www.evolve-gym.co.uk

Henry Baldwin Partnerships Manager - Contact

Henry works across all of AJ’s commercial partnerships and manages the relationships & requirements that come with them. He is also heavily involved in the operations side of AJBXNG.

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