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In another life, I think I would have been a businessman. Purely because grasping the mechanics of business has always been an interest of mine and the running of a successful business a passion. With the doors that have been opened to me through boxing and the people, I have been fortunate enough to meet along the way I am now able to achieve both. However, I recognise that there is always room to learn more and reach higher levels, which is what I strive to do out of the ring. I currently have 4 companies; AJBXNG Promotions, AJBXNG Marketing, AJBXNG Merchandise and AJBXNG Management all falling underneath the AJBXNG Group. They have all grown organically and have been nurtured by the hunger within me that drives everything I do.


I am really involved in my own merchandising. I have a vision where boxing fans can be served as well as football fans for example where you can go to a game and purchase a wide variety of memorabilia. With this is mind I see it as extremely important to maintain control of my own brand. I have been designing my own lines with an emphasis on the quality which is a corner stone of how I want to market myself and I like to think the fans will take care of the quantity!



On top of all the obvious pleasures afforded by travel and exposure to different cultures and all they have to teach us about our world and each other, travelling also has a way of keeping your ego from getting out of control. The life of a boxer in the months leading up to a fight becomes ever more single minded in focus and smaller in experience. Everything becomes for the good of the upcoming win. To follow this with travel, to go from absolute control to very little is a wonderful way of dealing with so many stresses in one single bursting of the bubble. Any chance your ego had of maintaining the illusion you were the only thing of importance – gone!

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