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To Charity

I am a strong believer in giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate than others. When you help others, not only do they feel happy and positive, you do too. It’s a sacred feeling.

It often seems the pursuit of wealth is our primary goal, but in reality, what people are looking for in their lives is meaning. The human connections we make, our relationships, are often where we find the seeds for this meaning. The greatest form of wealth is human connection and human interaction. These relationships are one of the most influential currencies in the world.

In giving back to the community, I am aware that it’s a two way street built on all that is best about humanity. You never know if the next great is waiting on the streets, homeless but doing something extraordinary. If you never help these people, you may never see the value that some could bring to the table making our world a better place.

“ I’ve been lucky that I’ve been around good people, who kept me grounded and taught me. ”

To the Fans

Without fans boxing would be nothing. I am forever grateful to those who come to my fights. It’s mind-blowing seeing my fans follow my journey as I travel the country, it makes me feel so special. Even those who watch me on TV from their homes are having to watch on Pay-Per-View, it’s a lot of money. Boxing fans are the best in the world.

I like to give fans the opportunity to meet and get to know me, as much as I like to learn about them. I am always aware that it was their support that allowed me to develop the sense of self belief that I needed to make the most of my second chance. Without their support, mine could be a really different story.

It’s important to remember, we are all human, we are all equal and we are all here to support each other.

I will never forget about Grace Carpenter in particular; I was touched when I found out her mum was trying to contact me, I just wanted to send her a get well wish straight away.

To the Sport

Boxing has given me a great living and I believe it’s essential that I give something back to the Boxing community. When I turned professional I took great pleasure in kitting out my old gym, Finchley ABC, with all new boxing bags. This is where I started so I also donated some of my memorabilia in the hope that when the children see it, it will inspire them to dream big.

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