For the time being, we have to apologise for any delays in shipping order to the EU. Due to current UK/EU border restrictions, EU customers may experience some shipping delays.

Please be aware that all items have a processing and dispatch lead up time of up to 14 working days. This is in part due to COVID-19 and the restrictions that have been put in place due to social distancing. We are fulfilling orders as fast and as safely as possible.

What are the delivery times and duration?


Tracked: GBP 4.50 - (Delivered within 2-3 working days of being dispatched)

Republic of Ireland:

Untracked: EUR 6.50 - (Delivered within 12-15 working days of being dispatched)

Tracked: EUR 11.50 - (Delivered within 7-10 working days of being dispatched)


Untracked: EUR 6.50 - (Delivered within 12-15 working days of being dispatched)

Tracked: EUR 11.50 - (Delivered within 7-10 working days of being dispatched)


Untracked: USD 8.00 - (Delivered within 15-20 working days of being dispatched)

Tracked: USD 13.00 - (Delivered within 8-10 working days of being dispatched)

Rest of the World :

(Delivered within 20 working days of being dispatched)

Untracked: GBP 7.50 - EUR 9.00 - USD 10.60

Tracked: GBP 11.00 - EUR 13.00 - USD 15.20

BREXIT (The UK Leaving the European Union) – Consequences for European Customers

As our goods are shipped from the UK, and the UK has now left the European Union, there may now be additional charges to pay on delivery of your goods. Please read and note the below.


VAT will now be payable in EU countries where the customer resides – rates vary from country to country but average 20%. VAT will be payable on delivery of the parcel in the local country. The customer will have an invoice attached to the shipment for payment.

The Low Value Consignment relief provisions apply until June 2021 – until then you can sell purchases goods under the value of €22 without VAT being applicable.

To find the VAT rate in your local country please use this link –

Duty and Tariffs

When ordering internationally you may have to pay import duty depending on what you’ve ordered and its declared value.

Import duty is a tax that may be imposed by your country’s government on goods from other countries, so unfortunately this is not something we can control.

When sending parcels to the EU from the UK, Duty is only payable for any orders over €150 in value. Duty may apply to restricted goods, including alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Duty will be based on the type and material of each good, and the location the customer resides in. The customer will have an invoice attached to the shipment for payment.

Please use this website to look up potential payable duty charges

It is not guaranteed that there will be a duty charge, its dependant on each shipment and each customs official around the world.

Where is my order?

Please check the email account used to complete your order to see if you can find the dispatch confirmation email in your inbox.

If you cannot find your email, try the following:

  1. Check your junk / spam folders
  2. Search your email for AJBXNG, or your order number, name of items purchased

If you still can't find your email, your order may not have been dispatched yet. Please allow at least 3 business days since the time you place your order before you contact us to confirm its status as our warehouse might still be processing it.

I have paid for tracking service, my tracking number does not work?

Please allow up to 48 hours for our tracking to be updated, it is likely your parcel has not yet reached the courier company or they have not yet updated their systems.

It is best to contact your local courier service directly for further updates, you can see who your courier service is by checking the tracking number that would state the courier service name.

Should you still need help after speaking with the courier, you can contact our support team and ask them to investigate further.

My tracking number says my order has been delivered but i have not received it?

If your tracking number states it has been delivered please contact your local courier service directly. As they would be able to assist you further to track down your parcel. Firstly, please check with your neighbours if they have kept your parcel safe for you. If your parcel has been delivered to the wrong address, please ask your courier service to file an investigation for lost parcels.

If you have followed the steps above and still facing any issues, please contact our support team.

For untracked service, do I still recieve tracking updates?

If you have chosen the untracked service, you will only receive a dispatch email. Unfortunately, with the untracked service it is a standard delivery, it does not come with any tracking number, SMS text message or any tracking updates.

If your order is taken longer than expected, please see the shipping times here firstly >

Do contact our support team with your order number so we can further investigate your order.

How do I contact my local courier service?

Please check your dispatch email for your tracking number that will state the courier service.

See below for the courier services used:

Local courier service:

Service used in the UK - Royal Mail >

Service used for International deliveries - Deutsch Post

Service used for heavy items / large orders - DPD

If you are based outside of UK your delivery is passed on to your local delivery service by Deutsch Post, see below for which service is used in your Country:

For other countries please check with your local postal service.

Can I change my delivery option?

As your order goes directly to our warehouse team, as we process orders as quickly as we can, therefore we can not make any amendments to your order.

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