When I was a young boy, I was never really into cars. I never thought the opportunities would come to be in such luxurious cars but now I’ve been learning more and after working with some privileged people in the car industry, I’m definitely growing as a car fan and understanding the luxury side of cars.

My first car was a Vauxhall Astra. I saved up £1,500 and it was in my budget at the time. I didn’t have the insurance money at the time so I just had it sitting out there for a few months before I could use it! I felt it was stable, sturdy, a good car because it was the one the police were using at the time, it was different from some of the cars my friends were driving. Plus I got a good deal on it!

I’ve got an all-white Jaguar XJR; really cool, I really love it. When I pull up in a Jag, it’s like a watch. Certain watches, everyone has, but there are certain watches only a few people know about. The Jag is a car that only certain people know about. It used to be that it was a car for the established man, who’d been in the game for years and treated himself to a Jag, but now they’re crossing right the way across the board. And I’m lucky enough to have one that they’ve kept classy but added a few sports touches to.

I bought my mum a Range Rover, too; she had a car she had for a long time and I wanted to help her get a new one because I didn’t want her to get ripped off because it can be that type of industry but I’ve never had the time to focus on helping her, so when her car broke down, I was just like it’s that time – if I’m going to do anything I’ll sort her out with a nice car, and so I got that as a present.

In June 2016, I was fortunate enough to notch top spot in Top Gear’s ‘Star in a Rallycross Car’. I climbed to the peak of the leader-board with a record of 1.52.6, knocking off actor Damian Lewis.