I had two distinct choices; either stay as an amateur and continue to learn and gain experience (I’d only been competing for 3 years at this stage), or turn pro and test the pressures of becoming the British heavyweight sensation and potentially being rushed though my career due to expectations based on my amateur pedigree.

It took me a year to make the decision, a decision I can never go back on and a decision I feel I will never regret. I took time travelling to meet ex-champions and exchanged emails with world heavyweight champions and boxing fanatics alike, discussing opponents, building fights etc.

I also spoke with various promotion companies and hired lawyers to make sure that if I were to sign a professional contract I would never have to bring it out again to take anyone to court, as boxing’s well known for fighters taking issue with their contracts.

After a year of gaining wisdom, thinking and planning I finally spoke with my amateur coaches and decided I was going to sign a 3 year promotional deal and make the step to the professional ranks. I said my thanks to amateur boxing and was thankful for the path it helped pave for me into the world of professional boxing.

I now have a trainer/manager, a promoter, nutritionist, masseuse, strength & conditioning coach and a commercial agent and lawyer in my boxing setup. I have help elsewhere for other business ventures I put my hands in. When I first started boxing no one understood my visions or why I was so passionate about boxing.

I just knew that I was the kid from nowhere who worked hard and wanted to change my lifestyle for the better; boxing was my way to get respect and be appreciated for something positive.

6 years later I am still standing strong, building an empire step by step. The next destination is to become British champion. Once I achieve that goal it’s time to set a new one.